Yosemite National Park

June 7-8

After lunch, we drove eastwards to Yosemite in two rented cars. A few wrong turns later, I took over the giving of directions. We just couldn’t afford to waste too much time if we wanted to reach before it turned dark. We had earlier stopped at the supermarket to buy bread, fruits and water, and were pretty well-stocked.

The journey took longer than expected; we stopped for dinner at Panda Express. By the time we reached Yosemite, it was already dark and the roads, though not treacherous, were still pretty tricky at some parts.

Shannon had made a booking at Yosemite Bug, a rustic log cabin joint just outside the Park. Turned out our cabin was isolated from the main area so it was just the eight of us in that one cabin and no one else near us. We had some trouble unlocking the cabin because we were given the wrong keys. An arduous drive back to the reception to get the correct set of keys; the roads were especially narrow and the sharp bends required some skill.

We were pleasantly surprised when we finally got into the cabin. It was very cozy, and was exactly how I’d imagined a typical American cabin to be. It had a well-equipped kitchen and for a while, I thought we should have extended beyond two nights. The bathroom was another story altogether.

The next morning, we headed out early and it was very chilly. My brush with nature has been minimal at best. I remember a trip to Taman Negara with my dad and his students when I was in Primary Five or so.

And the little of Ithaca and Florida’s Everglades National Park that I’ve seen earlier.. It really isn’t much to boast about. And it definitely did not prepare me for what I was about to see at Yosemite. About half an hour into Yosemite, and all you get to see are rolling hills and deep valleys. We came by the El Capitan and decided to park the car and get out for some photos.

El Capitan

First group photo of many to come..

Giant sequoias 

Home cooked pasta at our log cabin  

Group photo before driving back to SF.

Washing the car on the way back to SF.

Yosemite is very beautiful, definitely a must-go!


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