What I’ve been eating.

So after finally getting all the spring break posts out of the way (trust me, they were tough to get through, but I wanted to document my European travels for future reference.) Here’s what’s been going on post-Spring Break. In terms of food.

Jennie and Canan’s flight from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic was very badly handled by US Airways, so DO NOT take US Airways unless you really have to. But they got back in time for our scheduled International Dinner. That was on March 23, the Wednesday after Spring Break. I decided to cook mee goreng and grilled portobellos.

To cook mee goreng, I used the Prima Taste mix I bought from Liverpool. I couldn’t find the yellow color egg noodle so I used spaghetti to substitute. I think maybe spaghetti has more moisture so because of that, the taste wasn’t strong enough. But my friends found it really spicy despite that. I didn’t find it spicy at all, especially when I don’t eat spicy food. And I found it rather bland, but they said it was all right. They were being nice. There were potato cubes, diced tomatoes and onions and egg.

Mee Goreng 

Grilled portobellos with garlic and tomatoes

Aussies, Americans, Japanese, Swedes, and Singaporean

There was food from Turkey, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and a special treat from Dominican Republic.

This is Yu Iwasaki, art major from Japan who is awesome at what she does.

Sushi specially prepared by Kazu and Naomi

No salmon for me, thank you.

I really really miss Japanese food. I miss hawker fare too, but I think one of my first cravings to satisfy would be going to Sushi Tei, so Gladys, that’s your task. Sushi Tei with the class on my return.

And to prove that I’m not a horrible cook, here’s some shots of the food I’ve prepared:

Teriyaki sauce noodle with chicken and egg, topped with sesame seeds.

Spaghetti Bolognese

I wish I could say I cooked the following two dishes, but nope. I’m not that good.

Green Curry at Taste of Thai, local Thai restaurant

Breaded Cod with Long Beans and Mashed Sweet Potato at Moosewood

At Moosewood, Ithaca’s world-famous organic restaurant


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