A quick update for now:

Left Ithaca for New York and spent one night there. Said emotional goodbyes to the dear Swedes and Japanese; goodbyes to the Turk and Honduran took place the day before. I will miss those people so so much.

Arrived in Miami on Tuesday afternoon to not-so-ideal weather. There was a heavy downpour yesterday that we were caught in. Currently traveling with 5 others: Yeh Yang, Angela and Xinpei from hall; Tanny and Laura, Yeh Yang’s friends from Bentley. Two more days in Miami and then we hit Key West and the Bahamas.

It’s all good still, other than the really small dorm we are in, six of us squeezed into a tiny room. And with only one electrical point to charge everyone’s laptops, cameras and cell phones – it’s not easy, but we manage.

Did I mention that my bag weighs a ton? I have entertained the idea of leaving my bags behind, I’ve had enough of them while traversing the streets of New York with the weight on my shoulders. One day when I can’t cope with them any longer, I might toss them into the trash.

Melinda Doolittle is out of American Idol and I am very upset. Just because she doesn’t appeal to the younger crowd that makes up the voting audience. She has been the best ever since the Top 24 performances, and she deserves to win it. But anyone who has a ear knows that she is moving on to greater things beyond what Jordin or Blake would achieve as the champion. It is, after all, just a title.

Till the next update, maybe in the Bahamas, maybe in Chicago.

  • Jo May 26, 2007, 5:27 pm

    Well, Jordin won and she deserves it. But it’s really the last song that really led to Jordin winning. Blake’s version of the last song was totally weak.

  • Jeremy May 27, 2007, 1:32 am

    Yeah she won because Melinda wasn’t in the final. There was no way Blake could have won. If it was a Melinda-Jordin final, Melinda would have won if America voted for the best singer, instead of the most popular singer.


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