Snippets of Ithaca

This blog has, for the most part of the last four months, brought you into my experiences in Ithaca. I have been as diligent as I could, to chronicle as many details as possible so that the memories will be captured in a most deserving manner, without fading into obscurity, such as the human brain is sometimes capable (or incapable) of.

I realize that what I see as important in my life might come across as unimportant to another person, so if you read my blog and decide that this is not what you want to be reading about, or that you are surprised by what you read and see, all I can say is welcome to my life, and I hope you get to know me better.

I write for myself to remember, and I write for people to know. May I ask that you do not judge me, because my words are an extension of my thoughts, and my photos, a representation of my life.

I guess it makes perfect sense now to reflect on my time in Ithaca. Like I mentioned earlier, I would wait for the right opportunity to put things in perspective. I did a little of it sitting in the back of a car traversing Florida, on the deck of a cruise heading to the Bahamas and finished up gazing out into the blue waters at the Bahamas.

My life in Ithaca wouldn’t be the same without the bunch of international friends I met. They were an awesome bunch of people that truly perked up life in the countryside. It wouldn’t be fair to say any less of them, other than these are friends to keep for life, and meet many many more times in the future. I could spend so much time thinking of excessively positive attributes to describe them, but they know what is in my heart, and that is enough. It is not goodbye. It is see you soon.

The Aussies. Daniel, Holly & David.

The Japanese. Naomi.

The Swedes. Canan & Jennie.

The Turk. Can.

The Honduran. Paola.

And of course, The Singaporean.

At Korova’s for a quiet evening.

Futsbol night at Uncle Joe’s.

Spring in Ithaca.

Freshly brewed Turkish coffee for our cold Ithaca nights.

Naomi learns the art of fire starting from Can, for our BBQs.

Sunset in Ithaca from Can’s house.

And another, with a clear view of Cayuga Lake.

Bobby from Canada.

Naomi’s birthday cookie.

Birthday girl and me.

Me and Jennie.

View of Ithaca College and beyond from Tower Club.

Party for all international graduating seniors and exchange students.

Jia Hui, Singaporean masters student at IC.

Gorgeous spring day in Ithaca.

The girls at the Commons on Jennie’s birthday.

Balloon Hug!

Pretty ladies at Miyake.

Miso soup for a good Singaporean boy.

But good Singaporean boy drives Swedish girl nuts.

Beautiful eyes = Sapporo Beer model.

Two amazing Americans, Maeve and Mikey.

A good laugh with my favorite Honduran.

Mikey, Jennie, Canan and me.

Ithaca sunrise.

Alex from Romania.

Sigg from Norway.

Such a classic pic. This is what school does to us. Our last week in Ithaca. Sad face from Sigg, bored face from Maeve, and me doing what I do best – curled up sleeping on the sofa at the Swedes’ house.

I miss my Swedes!

Yu and me.

At Gino’s Pizza.

And so, I will see all of you soon. It is never goodbye.

  • Jennie June 17, 2007, 4:08 pm

    Oh, those were the days – i’ll keep them in my heart. Sitting here in Sweden, almost in tears. I miss you, my dear friend. Come visit – you’re always welcome.

  • Jeremy June 21, 2007, 2:44 am

    Yes Jennie, I remember every day of our time spent in Ithaca as if it happened yesterday! Anytime you’re coming to Asia, you’re in good hands too!

  • Maeve July 9, 2007, 3:12 pm

    Jeremy, This post is so precious. I love the closing lines…and all of you. 🙂

    Love you!!


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