San Francisco. Part Two.

Jack Kerouac’s street (author of On the Road)

After returning from Yosemite National Park, we checked back into the Park Hotel on Union Square. There was some big misunderstanding among the CS people regarding who was sharing room with who, but that is over and not worth dwelling upon. The next morning, we were going for a bus tour organized for the Asian participants of the Apple conference. Among the stops were Stanford University, the twin peaks and Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Stanford University

Indeed the world is a small place. Who would have thought that I’d run into Watson. He was a close friend of mine back in Fairfield Primary – we were friends from BB. He was here for the Apple conference too and was on the other bus. We met after alighting from the bus at Stanford. Some of us were starving so we left Stanford in search for food…

The road that leads to Stanford.. Adds on to the Mexican/Spanish flavor.

Brunch included a gyro and Turkish coffee!!! Reminds me of my dear Ithaca pals!

We headed to the twin peaks of San Francisco, which are two little peaks on the top of a hill that overlooks most of the city area, with a view of the Bay area and the Golden Gate Bridge. Too bad it was pretty cloudy, and very very windy, which made it really cold and unbearable to leave the warmth of the bus. From the peaks, you can’t really see the typical San Franciscan architecture or the steep gradients. The city is pretty flat though.

It was really windy up there.. Shannon, me, Luana, Faith, May, Mel and Erwin, all friends from NTU Communication Studies here for the Apple conference.

Ripe strawberries and chocolate dip

Cherries and tomatoes..

From Pier 39, you can look across at Alcatraz Island

Where sea lions gather to bask in the sun

Fisherman’s Wharf was way crowded. We stopped for a quick one just to have a look at the area. It’s very touristy and most things are quite unreasonably priced too. Didn’t stay too long here, but we came back a few days later. The next stop was Fort Mason – the start of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Erwin, May, Mel and me at Golden Gate Bridge

The next five days were spent attending some bits of the Apple conference (which was actually more suitable for engineers since most of it was dealing with software and programming), shopping, eating, visiting Alcatraz Island and more.

Victorian architecture

Vintage stores at Haight-Ashbury are great treasure troves!

Watching Krispy Kreme glazed donuts in action…

This Krispy Kreme was right next to In-N-Out Burger, where we had dinner. They have amazing fries that are fresh and crisp.


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