San Francisco. Part One.

June 6

So I took a flight to San Francisco. Woohoo, it was going to be three glorious weeks on the west coast. For those who didn’t know, I was attending the Apple Developers’ Conference in SF, so I was going to meet up with schoolmates from school. NTU sent about 15 of us over for the conference. I arrived in SF a day earlier than them.

Domestic flights in the US are nice because you don’t have to be at as high an altitude as international flights, so you get to see what’s below. Flying into the California skies, you start to see the mountains and the deserts below. Some of the mountain tops are still capped with snow!

As we were descending, there were these pink fields/ponds? I don’t know what they were, so tell me if you do. Nuclear waste dumping?

So pink that it makes me worry.

Took an airport shuttle from the airport to Union Square, where the hotel was. First impression of SF was that it’s a very cosmopolitan city. There were many Asians too. Traveling to all these cities in the US, it has become my natural reaction to look at other Asians, wonder what their story is like, where they came from. Lots of Filipinos in SF.

After checking in, I took a walk around Union Square. It’s a lively shopping area. You can practically find every brand here. Walked down Market Street.

United Nations Plaza

Singapore joins the UN in 1965!

Asian Art Museum

Orange flowers on a red carpet. Hmmm, isn’t it strangely familiar? 

Civic Center, if I remember correctly.

San Francisco has quite a number of homeless people though, especially along Market Street. Most of them are old African-Americans, and I have reason to believe that some of them are mentally disturbed. Throughout our time in SF, we came across many who mumbled to themselves or did weird things on the streets.

San Francisco has the best weather I’ve experienced though. Clear sunny skies with low humidity in the day, and cool (though sometimes chilly) at night. I love SF’s climate.

The next day, I was using the internet down in the hotel’s lobby when I heard the distant sounds of Singlish. Definitely recognizable from a mile off, I got up from my seat and peered into the reception area. True enough, there was Luana and Faith who just arrived. I was waiting for them because we were going to drive to Yosemite for two days. Eventually the rest arrived. There were Yanzhao, Kangli, Kevin, Janus, Faith and Luana from Year Two; Shannon, May, Erwin and a bunch of others from Year One, and Mel from Year Four. It was so nice to meet them again, after three weeks with accountants! I was glad to be among other communication students. HAHA.

After everyone was settled in, we had lunch at a Vietnamese place in Chinatown. We packed a separate bag for Yosemite, collected two cars that we rented and off we were to Yosemite – a supposedly three to four hours drive from SF.

  • treb|e July 27, 2007, 10:16 pm

    “So pink it makes me worry…”

    Haha, that’s funny. But again, the pictures are nice!

  • hazelnutz July 29, 2007, 10:32 pm

    after looking at all u guys’ pictures.. i think i have the lousiest ones….mine is all decked with faces HAhahahahah

  • Jeremy July 30, 2007, 1:26 pm

    It’s just a matter of preference really. I’m more of a take things than take myself kind of person. And I was alone that day anyway. Didn’t want to take self-taken shots. HAHA.

    That said, having faces in the photos proves that you’ve been there, done that. For all you know, mine were taken off the internet. HAHA.


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