Ithaca Snow Day Part Two.

Ithaca Snow Storm – April 16, 2007

So I heard that before spring comes for real, there will be a last hurrah from winter. And spring came for a week in March when it got really warm and sunny. Professor Kesh joked that spring lasted for all of one week, winter came back, spring is officially over and it’s going to be summer. Well, winter IS the longest season here in Ithaca.

And it’s not funny that we got a snow storm in April. Yes, snow in April is very incredulous indeed. The snow storm came on April 16, which is my dad’s and David’s (my cousin) birthday. It snowed overnight from April 15, and it wasn’t as severe as the first snow storm in February so college did not close this time. It was up to the individual professors to decide if they wanted to cancel class. I had two classes, the first one was canceled while the second one had such poor attendance that the professor dismissed the class after ten minutes.

It was really ironic because just three weeks before the snow storm, Rowie came to visit Ithaca and she was remarking that there were random piles of dirty snow all over campus.

When Rowie was here – March 26, 2007

The exact same spot three weeks later – April 16, 2007

I decided to grab my camera and snap photos because I knew this was the last of the snow I would see in Ithaca and spring or summer (whichever you prefer it to be) was coming and here to stay. It is beyond description to be waking up in the morning to see everywhere bathed in pure whiteness. Overnight snow does tend to totally transform the landscape. Wait for a while to see my photos of Ithaca in spring and you will understand how different the same places can look in different seasons.

Gannett Center Library and Handwerker Gallery

Snow so thick you can’t see the stairs anymore

The frozen fishball

Ice-covered grass that just started growing 2 weeks ago.

Never a similar problem in Singapore.

Close-up of tree covered with ice.

The snow continued through the night till April 17

Rowie, this ——–> is what you call random piles of dirty snow. Ploughed to the roadside by maintenance vehicles that make their rounds even before the first light of dawn, the snow is pushed to the side and allowed to melt in the sun. It appears to have taken the dirt from the roads along with it in forming a mini mountain of ice.

When the ice started to melt, it was another sight altogether. Once the sun came, the ice mountains would melt really fast and that’s when you get mushy squishy ice/water mixture on the ground and melted ice forming streams of water flowing downhill.

Gladys messaged to make sure everything was okay because she had heard of bad weather here in Northeast USA. Well, it was more of heavy rainstorms in the Boston/New York area while we received snow (of all things to happen in April). Like they said, we are in Central New York, snow is our thing.


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