Goodbye Ithaca.

The countdown begins.

I leave Ithaca next Monday for various parts of the US, the Bahamas and Toronto included, wrap up my time with a summer class in Washington DC, and I will be headed home to Singapore on August 13. My heart is already Fedex-ed home and I have on numerous occasions found myself thinking of home. Home here is taken to represent family and loved ones, rather than as a geographical entity.

My time here has shown and taught me many things that I will properly reflect on one day. Maybe on the shores of the Bahamas as I gaze at the endless blue ocean, or with a cup of coffee in a cafe in Chicago, or as I stroll down Hollywood Boulevard.

I wrote the following thoughts on December 27, 2006:

“You know how very often we are quick to react and how very often we take things for granted, and grumble at how pathetic our lives are and how the grass is so much greener over there.

Well, today I just want to take a break from that. And count my blessings one by one.

Cos there is never coming over unless I know my side is greener.

How do you love others the way Jesus loved us? A mighty task, no doubt. Because Jesus died on the cross, carrying the weight of all our sins and gave us a way out.

And if God did that for us, what more can we ask of Him? Why do I complain that I don’t have enough? I look around me and I know I have more than I deserve. Yes. What do I seek?

It is comforting to know that if my life is right with God, no other side can be greener than mine.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me. ALL of my life.

Surround your life with what is good and pleasing. Fill your life with what is good and pleasing.

Obey. Not once, not twice. Seven times. Obey. And the faithful one will deliver as promised. The impossible will become possible.”

Today, I felt an urging to refresh them in my mind.

  • Serene May 11, 2007, 12:24 pm

    I thought you’ll be back on National Day?

    Remember to make the list! 🙂


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