30 weeks in the US. 30 down.

I interrupt my chronological travel entries —

So finally it’s time for me to bid adieu to the US. It’s been 30 splendid weeks and I couldn’t have asked for more. Oh of course, saying goodbye to the US in New York is never the easiest thing to do. One can never say goodbye to New York. It would have been easier if I was departing from LA or Miami maybe.

But it is time for me to go home. Home to my family and friends where life can return to normal. Home-cooked meals prepared by my parents; coffee, dinners and ice-cream and much more with dearly missed friends. I can finally sleep in my own bed again, stop living out of a suitcase, and just feel comfortable in an environment that I know so well.

No more junk food, no more burgers, no more sandwiches, no more fast food, no more pizza, no more fries, no more hot dogs. Sadly, no more Abercrombie and Fitch, no more Cold Stone ice-cream, no more Broadway, no more adorable ang moh children, and no more cheap Ben & Jerry’s.

My flight leaves Ithaca in about six hours and I will be arriving at Changi Airport Terminal One on Thursday at 12:55 a.m. on Northwest 5. Yes, a coincidence that I’m arriving in time for National Day.

I kind of have a list of cravings to fulfill. In no particular order:

  1. Min Jiang Dim Sum at Goodwood Park Hotel
  2. Claypot Crab Bee Hoon at Ang Mo Kio Avenue One
  3. Nasi Lemak from Boon Lay
  4. Carrot Cake (both white and black)
  5. Calamari at Fish and Co.
  6. Crystal Jade Fried Rice and Congee
  7. Japanese food at Sushi Tei
  8. Pasir Panjang Stingray
  9. My parents’ broiled chicken wings
  10. Lots of Asian food – phad thai, mee goreng, beef noodles, beef hor fun, hokkien mee, fish ball mee pok, indian rojak, chinese rojak, yong tau foo, ban mian

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