Send off and arriving in Perth

The day I departed for Perth to start my round-the-world trip was an eventful day that passed pretty quickly. I was flying on a Jetstar flight from Singapore to Perth and had purchased the cheapest weight allowance thinking that at the start of my seven months, my bag couldn’t possibly weigh more than 15kg. At check-in however, I found out that my bag was two kilos over the limit but I wasn’t asked to pay any extra charges, thank God.  Family and friends came to send me off and I regretfully had to say a hurried goodbye. Apologies to everyone but thanks very much for coming to see me off.

Send off at Changi Airport

My cousin, David, met me upon my arrival in Perth and we were off to his place, where I’m staying at for three nights. It’s almost winter in Australia and the weather is chilly at night at about 10ºC. Nice!

We had a late start to Monday, which we spent at Caversham Wildlife Park at Whiteman Park. There were enclosures where visitors can get up close to the animals and there was also an Australian farm show. The sky was clear and the sun was scorchingly hot, although it was nice and cool indoors or under shade.

Kangaroo at the Caversham Wildlife Park

Emu at the Caversham Wildlife Park | Perth

Koala bear at Caversham Wildlife Park

Kookabura at the Caversham Wildlife Park

In addition to Dominic the koala bear we also met Petals the buffalo and a cute pony that Estelle was fascinated with. We came across a cafe in the park that served emu burgers. I’m not going to lie, I don’t want to know where they get their emu patties from, given that we just saw one in an enclosure a few steps away.

We watched a little farm show where a sheep dog rounded up a herd in a pen and one of the sheep was chosen for a sheep-shearing demonstration. The farmers also had volunteers to milk a cow and crack a whip.

Sheep shearing at a farm show

We had a late lunch at the Margaret River Chocolate Company, where they make their own chocolates on site. I was hoping to visit a winery but most of them were closing already. Some tourist attractions close at 5pm and Mondays are kind of even slower. I hear Fridays are unofficial half-days and Aussies spend their Fridays drinking beer and lighting up the barbie. Quite the relaxing life but rather unproductive, really!

That evening, we had a late dinner at Little Creatures, a brewery in Fremantle. The place is huge, with a modern industrial design, and the waitstaff were cheerful and laidback. We had frites, lamb pizza and mussels. I was told that the best fish and chips in town could be found nearby so that’s something to look forward to!


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