Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Navona and Colosseo

Gladys and I were staying two more nights in Rome before heading to Florence the next day. We switched hostels for the remaining two nights and it was a pretty good one this time. We even met some Singaporeans who were just checking out of the hostel. Soon after, we were at Roma Termini where I spotted Alicia first, then Alvina. What a small world! And such a coincidence to be at the same place at the same time. They were traveling in a group of four girls, all of them I knew from university. And they were going to meet up with Dylan and Nat in Germany.

Roma Termini | Rome

Fontana di Trevi

We took the metro towards the Trevi Fountain. It was a pretty warm day and while walking there, we stopped for some souvenir shopping along the way. First shop we stopped at was a limoncello store (limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur) and also tried the coffee liqueur there. There were tacky souvenirs too, of the David statue, Roman sculptures, etc.

Limoncello | Rome

Eventually we got to the Trevi Fountain. It was way too crowded. Everyone was jostling each other. People were trying to get to the edge of the fountain so they could toss a coin in. The story goes that if you throw a coin into the fountain, you’ll be back in Rome one day. It is estimated that the fountain collects 3,000 euros in coins per day.

Trevi Fountain | Rome

It was really warm out there though so we sought shelter for a bit inside a nearby cathedral. We decided to walk towards Piazza Navona and catch some of the street sights along the way, passing the Pantheon though we didn’t go in.

Piazza Navona

So we had read somewhere that this particular plaza was a must-see because it was atmospheric and charming. It was quite big and filled with Italian cafes along the inside perimeter. In the center of the square there is an obelisk and a fountain, flanked by artists and caricature artists.

Piazza Navona | Rome

That evening, we met Gladys’ friend and his family for dinner. Before that though, he kindly brought us up one of Rome’s hills for an aerial view of the city. Dinner was pizza at an Italian restaurant in the suburbs, followed by ice-cream, which was a nice end to the day.


The next day, Gladys and I went back to Piazza Navona for a lazy day. We spent it sitting at a street-side cafe, taking in the sounds while reading. The past week and a half in London, Paris and Rome had been tiring because we were rushing from sight to sight. Each day was packed with things to do so we took that day and a few others in Florence to relax and recharge.


Colosseo by night

We strolled to the Colosseo where we had been a few days earlier for me to take some evening shots. Dusk didn’t arrive till after dinner, which we, or rather I, had at a pizzeria. Gladys decided to return to the hostel, while I stayed out for the photos.

Colosseum | Rome


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