A Quick Update from London

I’m now in London, blogging from the basement of the hostel I’m staying at. It’s a cheap holiday so I’ve had to go with budget youth hostels. I’m staying at one near King’s Cross, which makes it really easy to get around on the tube.

View of London from the airplane

Today was exciting and I’m slowly learning to be more disciplined with being punctual. After landing at Heathrow, I took the tube to King’s Cross to check-in to the hostel. It took me an hour on the tube. I’m staying in a ten-person bunk and it’s tiny. But for the low price I’m paying to be at a central location in London, it is worth roughing it out for a couple of nights, I guess.

I’m really sleepy now. I was sleeping through half of worship during Hillsong London Sunday service at Dominion Theatre. I’m thinking of going to Her Majesty’s Theatre tomorrow to catch Phantom of the Opera so I’m going to have an early night and wake up early so I don’t waste the day. Plus I’m on New York time so I’m sure it will take me a few days to adjust.

Yesterday, I was in Times Square when Uma Thurman passed by because she was shooting a film. Photos will follow once I can find wireless for my laptop to connect to. And I am nodding off now so more updates to come.

  • treb|e March 12, 2007, 1:27 pm

    So cool!

    Uma Thurman?!? I’m so utterly jealous!

    I’m not even sure if i’m going Taiwan!

  • HouSnr March 14, 2007, 1:21 am

    actually how long u’ll b in london and then paris? when do u return to IC?
    yr timetable puzzling!!
    take care. God bless


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