Notting Hill and Portobello Market

So our second day in London saw us heading to Portobello Market at Notting Hill. London’s street markets are well known and this one didn’t disappoint. With a bit of good timing, we had the whole morning to explore the market and then catch the Thameslink rail to London Luton Airport for our flight to Paris.

We got off at Notting Hill tube station and there were hordes of people on their way to the market too. We didn’t bother with checking the map or street signs and just followed in the direction the crowd was heading.

Notting Hill | London

There were stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as baked goods like leek quiches, custard donuts, fruit tarts and apple strudels. It all looked so good! Not forgetting the stall we came across where paella was being freshly prepared. Seafood and rice simmering in saffron stock, yum!

Portobello Market | London

Portobello Market was not just about fresh produce or food products, there were stalls selling all manner of knick-knacks, gifts and souvenirs. It’s definitely worth a visit if you like street markets and a more boisterous crowd from the likes of Oxford Street or Westminster. We came across a few street musicians as well and there was a really lively and fun atmosphere about the streets here.

Portobello Market | London

Portobello Market | London

We didn’t manage to walk all of Portobello Road though, keeping in mind that we had to head back to King’s Cross, grab our bags and catch the train to the airport. We would be returning to London again after we finished France and Italy. Our first two days in London were packed but there were more relaxing days to come.


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