Notre Dame Cathedral, Latin Quarter and Eiffel Tower

The plan for the day was to visit Notre Dame Cathedral and also the Latin Quarter. Even though I had been before, there were still new things to discover. The day started really chilly and there was a slight drizzle going. We stepped into the cathedral and spent some time there. I didn’t enter the cathedral in 2007 because it was really crowded then so this time, I was quite taken with the serenity and atmosphere. The exterior of the cathedral is of course well known for its French Gothic design but the interior is equally breathtaking.

Notre Dame Cathedral | Paris

After Notre Dame, we shopped for a bit along Boulevard Saint-Michel and headed in the general direction of the Latin Quarter. We managed to find Rue de la Harpe, where there are a number of restaurants with affordable 3-course set menus. I also recognized the crepe street cart owner from two years ago!

The cloudy day ended with us ascending the Eiffel Tower. This was another first for me. Kenny opted to climb up while I accompanied Yuanting up via the lift, deciding to then walk down the stairs later.

View of Paris from Eiffel Tower

View of the ground from the Eiffel Tower | Paris

It was a real pity that the weather didn’t co-operate during our visit up the Eiffel Tower and so the view wasn’t the best with a gloomy sky. Eventually, we had dinner at a restaurant on rue de la Harpe. Escargots, roast chicken, paella and rose wine; affordable 3-course meals for 14 euros each to end off the day.

Notre Dame Cathedral | Paris


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