Spring Break is Coming!

Was in Syracuse last night for the John Mayer winter tour. It was about an hour’s drive and Syracuse looks like a really nice city. Defo livelier than Ithaca. My heart skipped a beat as we approached the city and saw the lights getting brighter. That’s what Ithaca does to a city dweller.

John Mayer concert

Matt Kearney was the opening act for John Mayer. The American concert culture is really an eye-opener though. It’s just like going to the cinema; they sell popcorn, candy floss, hot dogs and beer at the door. OK, that at a baseball game, totally understandable. But it was rather unfamiliar for me to see that at an indoor concert.

After the opening act, there was a 15-minute delay because the crew were setting up John Mayer’s guitars on stage. When John Mayer finally started, it was almost 9 PM. He was fantastic! He sings really well live and those guitar runs left me in awe. The light effects were also very nice.

John Mayer concert in Syracuse

The bridge that connects South Hill to the Commons is going to be rebuilt in a project that will take nine months to complete. So no more walking to the Commons unless I’m up for a detour. Work on the bridge starts on Monday, which is also my 23rd birthday.

Ithaca bridge closure

Just confirmed my plans for Spring Break:

Mar 10: Ithaca-NYC, night flight to London
11-13: London
14-16: Paris
16-17: Paris-Liverpool
17: Liverpool-London-NYC
18: NYC-Ithaca

  • lianya March 2, 2007, 3:46 am

    i love john mayer!! =) didn’t manage to catch him in singapore. i wished he was coming to seattle. the nearest i can get is vancouver, which is 4 hours away!

    you’re going to europe for spring break?!?! when did that happen? hah.

  • Jeremy March 2, 2007, 12:06 pm

    yup i’m heading to europe. just booked my tickets last night. i was originally planning on going to the caribbean with the swedish girls but it was way over my budget. london/paris wasn’t as expensive as i assumed so that’s where i’m headed. plus my cousin will meet me in liverpool, so that’s cool.

  • hou meng-hsien March 4, 2007, 8:30 am

    be happy with and enjoy each town as you come across them – just like us, each town is created differently, and that’s the excitement of towns and cities.
    have a blessed, happy 23 b’day – yes, this is to tell the world you have been blessed daily from 1984 till now – and have a good hols in london/paris
    say hi to ro and mike from all of us here

  • hou en-hong jasper March 4, 2007, 11:23 am

    ‘sup big guy! it reads 12.06 on the clock now, which means you’re friggin’ 23 already!


    hahah just messing around. anyway, hey real sorry we arent there celebrating your birthday with you this year! you can expect to get a BIG present from me when you come back home (: mom and i sent you an e-card, hope you have a good laugh ‘cos i picked a pretty retarded one lol.

    have a funkin’ good time in london and paris too! gargh i’m so so jealous la! send our regards to rowie and mike.

    A VERY HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY TO A VERY WONDERFUL BLESSING FROM GOD! may God bless you ever so richly and may all your wishes come true!

    Cheers, and dont get yourself too wasted! (:

  • Jeremy March 6, 2007, 5:52 am

    Hey, you were the one wearing diapers till you were six.


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