Life as an Exchange Student at Ithaca College

For my news-writing assignment, we have to write a feature story about the government. I’m thinking of writing about the legal system here in Ithaca, but beyond that my mind is still blank. I have an appointment with the assistant city attorney tomorrow. I also contacted the city court and was asked to attend a drug offence hearing, after which the judge will meet with me. I like news writing here. In July, the professor will be teaching a political journalism class in Washington D.C. I hope I can somehow get a new visa stamp and stay on for that.

I gave a presentation titled Propaganda: The Singapore Story yesterday for my Global Flow of Information class. I spoke about Singapore as a regional HQ for the British Empire back in the day, even during the Cold War when there was communism controversy in Indonesia. And I used Singapore Rebel by Martyn See as a case study about how the Films Act, Newspaper and Printing Presses Act, and the Sedition Act has recently come under much scrutiny, as well as the restricted freedom of expression in Singapore. Somewhat ironically, I ended the presentation with a photograph of the Singapore CBD and said “Please visit Singapore. You’ll love it.”

My presentation sparked off many questions from the class because they wanted to know more about Singapore. They asked about chewing gum, the death penalty, legalization of prostitution, drugs, guns, etc. I was glad. At least some people at Ithaca College now know more about a tiny island I call home.

Speaking about Singapore, is it Chinese New Year yet? I’m meeting the Singaporeans from Cornell tomorrow for dinner at a Chinese place. It doesn’t feel different not celebrating it because my family does not observe these traditions anyway.

Been to two college parties so far. The first one was during the evening we celebrated Australia Day. There was a party going on across the road and Andrea came and shouted, “There’s a party across and you are all invited!” So we went but about ten minutes later, campus security arrived and the American kids all scooted because they were below the drinking age. So there you have it, my first college party experience lasted all of ten minutes.

Pre-party wine party

Party time

Last weekend, we all met at Y’s cozy one-bedroom apartment in the center of Ithaca Commons. After some wine at her place, we headed to this house on Giles Street. The people there were mainly international students and the host was Bulgarian. Weekends pass too fast here, if you ask me. Before you know it, it’s Monday again.

  • jasper February 14, 2007, 10:07 am

    yea why on earth did you tilt your head. you like an AH BENG TRYING TO ACT CUTE. anyway, CNY this year’s gonna be damnnn sad. no rowie and david; plus janelyn, kwan ming and kaela will only be coming after their reunion dinner with kwan ming’s side.

    oh yea we went for kaela’s one month celebration. she’s so adorable and beautiful, jo and i bought her a present. aight i better be going. Take good care, UNCLE JERMS! (:

  • Jeremy February 15, 2007, 8:15 am

    I wasn’t trying to act as anything. Don’t steal the picture and murder it on some website.

    When Kaela grows up and starts talking, you better not teach her to be like you!


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