It’s Cold in Ithaca

With full resolve to finally purchase our cell phones, R and I headed back to the mall to sign up with Cingular Wireless. Two evenings ago, we tested the SIM cards with our phones from Singapore and they worked then, but somehow stopped working subsequently so we bought cheap phones for the pre-paid SIM cards. After that I stayed on to buy other essentials, such as bed sheets, toiletries and detergent.

Ithaca Commons

On my way back, I passed the public library and the city hall. It was snowing some so I whipped out the camera to snap some photos of the snow. A little girl was excitedly running up and down the sidewalk catching snowflakes on her tongue.

Winter at Ithaca CollegeMy apartment is a twin-sharing studio at the Garden Apartments, one of the first buildings you see when entering Ithaca College via Coddington Road. It’s quite a wonderful sight to see the trees bare and the ground white. I have had very little experience with snow other than a short school trip to New Zealand. Living in a country near the Equator also means no change in seasons. I was talking to N, a Japanese exchange student, about the snow and she said her university is north of Japan and snow is common. Well, I could really end up liking this very much, this snow.

And speaking about the cold, I made a booboo recently when I  went to Wegmans to buy groceries . I happily boarded the TCAT bus and made my way there. After I was done, I saw from afar that the bus had just left and I decided to wait for the next one out in the bus stop. You see, the bus I was waiting for comes twenty minutes past the hour, and only once an hour, which I wasn’t aware of. So I was waiting alone, wondering how long the bus would take and also why there wasn’t anyone else waiting for the bus as well. I waited for close to 40 minutes before I gave up and headed back in. One, I was wondering how come the bus hadn’t come in the past 40 minutes and thinking maybe I was at the wrong bus stop. Two, I was freezing out there. My fingers were numb and shaking uncontrollably. Three, passers-by I approached had no clue about the bus timing because they all drove.

Ithaca Wegmans

Back in the store, I bought a cup of hot chocolate and asked for help. A lady said the bus comes every hour and that I just missed it. Which meant I froze out there for so long and when I decided to come in was when the bus came! How silly! She suggested walking back to Ithaca College and proceeded to talk me through a shortcut. It didn’t sound that complicated but maybe I’ll leave that for when spring comes.

Temperatures dropped back to -10 °C. But come Thursday, it is expected to get warmer and should rise above freezing point for the first time! Can’t wait for that to happen, heh. Windchill is out to make my life difficult. As it is, I’m already getting numb everywhere, especially on my face because it’s not covered up. It doesn’t help that I have higher-than-average cheek surface area!

In other matters, my roommate has returned from his winter break. He’s a film major in his junior year. He’s from Boston and just drove six hours back to IC. Nice guy from first impressions.

Anyway, the TCAT bus drivers here have incredible service. They are really friendly and greet everyone with a “How’s your day” or “How are you doing”, they wait for you to sit down before they drive off, they are especially patient with the older folks, and they are instantaneous at offering assistance all the time. Singapore bus drivers should come here for training!

  • becky January 21, 2007, 8:52 am

    reading these entries is bringing back waaaay too much memories.

    well well. ithaca is gorges. enjoy every bit of it jeremy!

  • Jeremy January 21, 2007, 8:06 pm

    becky, some of us were at the commons just now and realized there’s no bus on sunday after 5pm!

  • moyy January 23, 2007, 4:04 am

    hahahahah… nivea lotion is good. i agree.
    smell nice too! :p

  • Jeremy January 23, 2007, 11:45 am

    yeah its working better than the expensive one i bought from guardians.

    haha i’ll try vaseline the next time, the locals here all buy vaseline

  • yang January 23, 2007, 4:31 pm

    lolx..higher average cheek area…lolx


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