Getting ready to leave Singapore

I’ll be leaving for Ithaca, NY, in about a week’s time and I’m still not packed! The renovation works at home was an excuse for preparations being at a standstill but now that most of it is over, no more excuses.

As the days get lesser, it’s starting to hit home just how near it is. In a matter of days, I will be thousands of miles away from home in a new environment, and surprises are almost certain to pop up everyday when you least expect it.

Preparations for this trip have been many and started way back in say, October? From selecting the overseas university to application to getting a visa. It’s been quite a journey. The funny thing is, no matter how prepared I am for this trip, or how many precautions I’ve taken, or back up plans in place, as long as I am not mentally prepared, I am not ready. So hard to control, this mind of mine.

As people have pointed out, I’m usually cool and calm about things, even when situations get tricky or difficult. So when I tell you I’m not sure how I feel now, it is something. It’s kind of ambivalent in a way. Cos I am very excited and I can’t wait, but at the same time, I’m also quite ‘chill’ about it.  Some days I wake up and feel ‘I can’t believe it is finally happening!’ and others I feel ‘Ok, so I’m leaving. Ok.’