Classes Have Started

School has started and there are lots of readings piling up already, which explains the shorter and maybe less coherent posts that will follow, maybe? I’m taking five classes this semester and they have been pretty fun so far. News Reporting & Writing, Global Flow of Information, Intro to Global Studies, Screenwriting, and Non-Fiction Film Theory. IC has some of the best teachers and resources here, and I think this is going to be a very good semester indeed. I feel a lot more motivated to put in effort because the classes are more participatory. Well, I can’t possibly speak up in class without having done the readings. I don’t want to appear ignorant so that’s my motivation for getting through them!

Textbooks here are so expensive. I have spent close to $400 and Non-Fiction Film Theory alone has 12 textbooks! Need I say more?!

Ithaca College

It stopped snowing for about a day or two. I saw green grass for the first time since I got here. The icicles hanging from the second floor started melting. And then last night, it started snowing again, intermittently. I think that’s how it’s going to be for some time and check this out – tomorrow, it’s expected to be -16 °C.

Today in my Global Flow of Information class, one student said Globalization is Westernization is Americanization. And Disney, MacDonald’s and MTV popped out of everyone’s mouths. I said the world is shrinking. Ironically, I get blank stares when I say I’m from Singapore. Now I introduce myself as Jeremy from Singapore, which is in Asia but we’re not in China.

Forgive the jumbled thoughts. Classes have started.


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