San Francisco. Part Two.

Jack Kerouac's street (author of On the Road) After returning from Yosemite National Park, we checked back into the Park Hotel on Union Square. There was some big misunderstanding among the CS people regarding who was sharing room with who, but that is over and not worth dwelling upon. The next morning, we were going […] Read More

Yosemite National Park

June 7-8 After lunch, we drove eastwards to Yosemite in two rented cars. A few wrong turns later, I took over the giving of directions. We just couldn't afford to waste too much time if we wanted to reach before it turned dark. We had earlier stopped at the supermarket to buy bread, fruits and […] Read More

30 weeks in the US. 30 down.

I interrupt my chronological travel entries -- So finally it's time for me to bid adieu to the US. It's been 30 splendid weeks and I couldn't have asked for more. Oh of course, saying goodbye to the US in New York is never the easiest thing to do. One can never say goodbye to […] Read More

San Francisco. Part One.

June 6 So I took a flight to San Francisco. Woohoo, it was going to be three glorious weeks on the west coast. For those who didn't know, I was attending the Apple Developers' Conference in SF, so I was going to meet up with schoolmates from school. NTU sent about 15 of us over […] Read More


June 3-5 We checked out of the Manhattan Inn Hostel and took the subway to Chinatown, where we were going to catch the 9 a.m. Fung Wah bus to Boston. It was not fun trudging through the streets of Chinatown with our bags. We walked about five blocks from the subway, which is normally fine […] Read More

New York City.

May 30-June 3 By the time Yeh Yang and I took the subway from JFK airport to Manhattan, it was close to 1AM. We were staying at Manhattan Inn Hostel, where I had stayed at previously with Rishi when we were in the City for the Singapore Day weekend. There was some minor delay with […] Read More


May 27-30 From Chicago, we flew into Buffalo (NY) to catch a Greyhound bus to Toronto. It's cheaper that way, because flying into Toronto from Chicago would have incurred international flight costs. Way cheaper to break it up into flight-bus. Met Yeh Yang at the airport, his flight came in a little after ours. We […] Read More


May 24-27 So we took a Southwest flight to Chicago from Fort Lauderdale, FL. We were so tired from staying up overnight at the airport that we fell fast asleep even before the plane took off, without realizing that the plane was empty and there we were squeezing when we could have taken any seat […] Read More


I still find it extraordinary that I visited the Bahamas. It's one of those exotic locations in the world that gets talked about a lot - like most other islands in the Caribbean - but how many people can say they actually visited it? We reached Port Everglades and there we found out that Yeh […] Read More

Key West.

We left Miami and headed south towards Key West. We were going to stop at Everglades National Park for a look-see to decide if we wanted to do more there. Apparently not, cos we didn't manage to make the tour timing. The tour would have brought us in a boat out to the river and […] Read More