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Swan Bell Tower, Swan River and Kings Park

Swan Bell Tower and Wheel of Perth

My second day in Perth started late as I slept in, dashing plans to head to the beach in the morning. David and Estelle cooked lunch and we ate, after which they headed to classes at UWA while I left to explore the city. I took a bus and dropped at the Esplanade Busport to […] Read More

Send off and arriving in Perth

Koala bear at Caversham Wildlife Park | Perth

The day I departed for Perth to start my round-the-world trip was an eventful day that passed pretty quickly. I was flying on a Jetstar flight from Singapore to Perth and had purchased the cheapest weight allowance thinking that at the start of my seven months, my bag couldn't possibly weigh more than 15kg. At check-in however, […] Read More

Hollywood and Santa Monica

Faith and I left San Diego on an early bus for Hollywood. Upon reaching Hollywood, Faith would be meeting up with her cousins while I would be joining the guys again, who were driving in from Grand Canyon. We would be staying at USA Hostels near Hollywood Boulevard. I checked in first and had lunch […] Read More

San Diego Zoo and La Jolla Beach

Faith and I left Las Vegas on an early Greyhound bus bound for San Diego. The journey took eight hours, during which the bus stopped for a quick lunch break. The ride was not as arduous as I thought it would be. We arrived at the bus terminal before evening and found our way to […] Read More

Las Vegas, a city of extravagance and artificiality

Less than two hours after we left San Francisco, we landed in Las Vegas and there was no mistaking which city we were in. At the airport, we were surrounded by posters advertising Cirque du Soleil, strip shows, Celine Dion concerts and many more. There was even a glass room filled with slot machines. We […] Read More

I was in San Francisco for the Apple Developers Conference along with a bunch of university mates from Singapore. Before the conference got underway, we found time for a visit to Alcatraz Island, a popular attraction in San Francisco. Tickets can be purchased from Alcatraz Cruises and the ferry picks passengers up at Pier 33 at Fisherman's […] Read More

An update on the road from Boston


It's really hard to blog while on the road. I don't know how Rowie manages to do it. There hasn't been very ideal conditions accessing the Internet so far, so I haven't been able to diligently blog as much as I would like to. As succinctly as I can, I jot down in my notebook […] Read More

I woke up to the chatter of a foreign language and in my half-asleep, half-awake state, just about remembered I was in my 10-person hostel room. There were six other people and they were furiously packing in the room although it was still a little dark. Chatted a little with some of them, and found out […] Read More

My First Ever Day in London

Street signs at Covent Garden

After yesterday's flight drama, I was just glad and thankful to be put on the next available flight to London. The flight went well; it was about a third full so there was lots of space. Virgin Atlantic was not half bad, really. I arrived at Heathrow Airport around 11 in the morning. Needing to […] Read More

Starting Off Spring Break in New York City

Watching A Chorus Line at Times Square

It was a mad dash to the Ithaca bus station after class ended on Friday but after five hours on the bus, I was back in New York City and it felt great to be there. It took about half an hour to walk to my hotel, which was on West 47th between Seventh and […] Read More