Living Overseas in Ithaca

Spring in Ithaca and Planning for Spring Break

Melting snow in Ithaca

Stepping out today, the sky was clear blue and the sun was shining brightly. It was perfect weather - minimal wind, a mix of warm and cool at the same time. Just perfect. The snow storm about two weeks ago left practically everything covered in white. For about three days or so after, roads had […] Read More

Spring Break is Coming!

John Mayer concert in Syracuse

Was in Syracuse last night for the John Mayer winter tour. It was about an hour's drive and Syracuse looks like a really nice city. Defo livelier than Ithaca. My heart skipped a beat as we approached the city and saw the lights getting brighter. That's what Ithaca does to a city dweller. Matt Kearney […] Read More

Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) in Ithaca

Partying on Mardi Gras in Ithaca

Post snow day weather has been nice. It was a momentous day yesterday because the temperature went above 0 °C for the first time since I've been here. The weather has stayed incredibly nice since, hovering around freezing point. Although the ground is now wet with slush, it's nice! The wind has been kinder too. I just […] Read More

The Ithaca Snow Day of 2007

Ploughing the snow in Ithaca

The last time classes at Ithaca College were cancelled was 26 years ago. So you can imagine just how ecstatic all students were when we found in our inbox, an email declaring that all classes were cancelled for the day due to severe weather. It snowed for about thirty hours with an intensity new to […] Read More

Life as an Exchange Student at Ithaca College

Party time

For my news-writing assignment, we have to write a feature story about the government. I'm thinking of writing about the legal system here in Ithaca, but beyond that my mind is still blank. I have an appointment with the assistant city attorney tomorrow. I also contacted the city court and was asked to attend a drug […] Read More

What I Have Been Eating in Ithaca

I tend to leave vegetables as an afterthought when it comes to my food intake so my parents will be very glad to know that for dinner today, I blanched a crown of broccoli and then topped it with oyster sauce, to go with half a meatball sub from Subway. As G said, oyster sauce […] Read More

Reflecting on My First Two Weeks in Ithaca

I haven't been updating as often as I would like to. It's the end of January already, time passes so quickly. A couple of days ago, I felt a tad homesick and frustrated also. Mainly due to the fact that Ithaca is a very small place and if you don't drive, moving around can be […] Read More

Celebrating Australia Day in Ithaca

Australia Day dinner

The skies are clear and very blue. From the Gannett Center Library, I look out and the view is fantastic. From the top of South Hill, you can see downtown Ithaca in the valley and Cayuga Lake in the far distance. But it is deceiving. Step outside and you immediately look for the next building […] Read More

Classes Have Started

Ithaca College

School has started and there are lots of readings piling up already, which explains the shorter and maybe less coherent posts that will follow, maybe? I'm taking five classes this semester and they have been pretty fun so far. News Reporting & Writing, Global Flow of Information, Intro to Global Studies, Screenwriting, and Non-Fiction Film […] Read More

It’s Cold in Ithaca

Ithaca Commons

With full resolve to finally purchase our cell phones, R and I headed back to the mall to sign up with Cingular Wireless. Two evenings ago, we tested the SIM cards with our phones from Singapore and they worked then, but somehow stopped working subsequently so we bought cheap phones for the pre-paid SIM cards. After […] Read More