Living Overseas

Moving to Tokyo, Goodbye Singapore

I'm at Changi Airport now, waiting to board the flight. It's been about five months since I first applied to teach English in Tokyo and the day has finally arrived for the big move. I'm equal parts excited and apprehensive. Apprehensive because a part of me has gotten really comfortable with life in Singapore, and […] Read More

The National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C.

Singapore stamps from 1960s | National Postal Museum | Washington, D.C.

This post was written in 2008 about the summer of 2007, when I spent five weeks in Washington, D.C. studying political journalism. Published with this post is an article I wrote about the National Postal Museum for a class assignment. Our first assignment was to be a story on any tourist attraction in Washington. And […] Read More

Visiting the United States Capitol on a tour

US Congress photo | Washington, D.C.

The second week of my political journalism course had us covering the US Congress and we had the privilege of a tour of the US Capitol. First up was a general tour of the Capitol that is also open to the public. The more exciting part of our day was a guided tour by the […] Read More

I really liked the bedroom in Washington, D.C. that I had sublet. It was very comfy and overlooked the back porch of the house. The landlady lived in the house with her family and I enjoyed chatting with her - she had been to Singapore several times and had friends there - it was going […] Read More

An unfortunate first two days in Washington

My arrival in the capital of the United States was one filled with drama. The flight from Los Angeles to Washington had a quick connection at Atlanta, Georgia. But the LA-Atlanta flight landed very late and that resulted in delays of the connecting flights out of Atlanta. The plane bound for Washington was to have […] Read More

Spring in Ithaca and Planning for Spring Break

Melting snow in Ithaca

Stepping out today, the sky was clear blue and the sun was shining brightly. It was perfect weather - minimal wind, a mix of warm and cool at the same time. Just perfect. The snow storm about two weeks ago left practically everything covered in white. For about three days or so after, roads had […] Read More

Spring Break is Coming!

John Mayer concert in Syracuse

Was in Syracuse last night for the John Mayer winter tour. It was about an hour's drive and Syracuse looks like a really nice city. Defo livelier than Ithaca. My heart skipped a beat as we approached the city and saw the lights getting brighter. That's what Ithaca does to a city dweller. Matt Kearney […] Read More

Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) in Ithaca

Partying on Mardi Gras in Ithaca

Post snow day weather has been nice. It was a momentous day yesterday because the temperature went above 0 °C for the first time since I've been here. The weather has stayed incredibly nice since, hovering around freezing point. Although the ground is now wet with slush, it's nice! The wind has been kinder too. I just […] Read More

The Ithaca Snow Day of 2007

Ploughing the snow in Ithaca

The last time classes at Ithaca College were cancelled was 26 years ago. So you can imagine just how ecstatic all students were when we found in our inbox, an email declaring that all classes were cancelled for the day due to severe weather. It snowed for about thirty hours with an intensity new to […] Read More

Life as an Exchange Student at Ithaca College

Party time

For my news-writing assignment, we have to write a feature story about the government. I'm thinking of writing about the legal system here in Ithaca, but beyond that my mind is still blank. I have an appointment with the assistant city attorney tomorrow. I also contacted the city court and was asked to attend a drug […] Read More