I remember the exact moment the proverbial travel bug first bit me. I was in a London hostel in 2007, having gone to bed alone in a dorm only to wake up the next morning somewhat disoriented from jet lag, to Spanish chatter and six strangers frantically packing their backpacks. After a quick exchange of “hola’s” and smiles, I went back to sleep, feeling that I was on the cusp of something new. Right there and then I knew traveling and exploring the world was, for me, meant to be. I was hooked.

Since then, traveling has become a journey of fascinating firsts for me. People often say that traveling is a life-changing experience and I truly agree. Sure, it can be stressful at times but for me, the joy and excitement of traveling far outweigh the stress and effort. I believe that we should always pursue what brings us happiness and joy. For that reason, if you love travel as I do, I hope my website and the quote below inspires you to create your own adventures.

If not now, when? If not you, who? – Hillel the Elder

About Me

Jeremy in Los AngelesMy name is Jeremy and I am a traveler. I love exploring new places and experiencing new cultures.

For seven months in 2009, I traveled around the world, spending time in Europe, Latin America and Australia. Along the way, I studied Spanish and earned the CELTA in Madrid, volunteered at a sea turtle conservation site in Costa Rica and got my scuba diving license in Mexico. I have visited 24 countries so far and count New York City, Buenos Aires and Barcelona as my favorite cities.

Originally from Singapore, I have a background in journalism and communications. My work as a writer, editor and photographer can be seen in Insight Guides’ Singapore and Bangkok publications. I was a shortlisted author for Moon Handbooks and editor for Travel Tips Network by Netmobius. I currently live and work in Tokyo.

When I’m not traveling, I teach English, read, watch reruns of Friends, catch live Arsenal and tennis matches, and check out interesting places to eat at.

This website was created to focus on independent travel, often times solo, living overseas and cultural exchange. I write about people, places, cultures and food.

Love travel, go travel.